This is the evolving website of PISCES-CLUB, a new form of a club for those born under the astrological sign of „Pisces” (20th February to 20th March).

There are many astrological sites relating to the various Zodiac signs, and various commercial offers for horoscopes, fortune-telling, marriage compatibility and general astrological analysis, but what is missing is the creation of a Forum, a Club, solely devoted to bearers of the sign of Pisces as an exclusive space for exchange of Pisces members.

It is meant to be the first Club of its kind in the World, unique in the sense that it is a Club exclusively created for members of the Zodiac sign of Pisces.




One of the aims of PISCES/CLUB is to win prominent members to pull the organization forward.

The following is a preliminary list of such personalities from the political and cultural fields which will be contacted soon for becoming members and leaders in their respective countries and regions and/or at global level. Click here...




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